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Posted by mruwe at December 28 2019, 5:55 PM

Fellow .NET Users,

We’re finished with all of our meetings for 2019 and I wanted to take some time to review everything that’s happened. But before we look back, let’s start by looking forward to some exciting things happening in 2020.

For the first time in our group’s history, we have almost an entire year’s worth of speakers planned in advance. I promised that if we could get the whole year filled that we would try having a second meeting over the lunch hour. I have several soft commitments for speaking at the November / December meeting but nothing firm yet. If you’re able to support our community by speaking about a topic you’re passionate about in the first week of December 2020, please let me know. When that happens, I’ll start searching for speakers and sponsors for those additional meetings.

Speaking of sponsors, we had a very successful sponsorship drive to get our 2020 sponsors. We, of course, have our monthly meeting sponsors and you’ll recognize a lot of the companies on the list, but we have some new names too, which is awesome! You can find all of next year’s sponsors here: https://omahamtg.com/Pages/Sponsors.

In addition to the monthly sponsors, we asked if they would help us buy some t-shirts as giveaways. We have two fantastic sponsors who stepped up in a big way to help us order nearly 100 t-shirts. We’ll be giving these away throughout the year. Here’s what they’ll look like


This is the last item before we get to the annual review. I received an email from Carl Franklin who hosts the .NET Rocks podcast. He’s planning to make a trip to Omaha on March 11th, 2020, and will be speaking to us about Blazor. The meeting will start around 5:30 PM and we’re still working out the rest of the details. Keep watching our web site, Slack and email distribution list for more information. Last time the .NET Rocks guys came to town, we had over 200 people show up. I believe that was one of the highest attendances of their roadshow and it made an impression. Carl remembers the great welcome that we gave him last time and I want to make this one even better. Please make sure to mark your calendars so you’re able to attend.

Ok, enough of all of that. We’re here to look back on the year we’re just about finished with. This is the 11th year I’ve been involved with the .NET User’s Group and as always, I’m humbled by level of participation we get from companies who come together to support us. We also have an amazing group of people who share their passion for technology by speaking at our monthly meetings. Please make sure you find one of our presenters and thank them for their efforts.

Someone who quietly sits behind the scenes and does a lot of work to make the group better is John (Mike) Haro. Mike does an amazing job recording and editing videos of our meetings. We have over 64 recordings going all the way back to 2012. Before Mike was helping us, I was doing the filming and editing, which usually ended up pretty poorly. The quality of the recordings we have now is amazing and a great example of Mike’s talent and passion for doing this. PLEASE, stop Mike when you see him and say thanks for all of the hard work.

And finally, here are the details for the meetings we had in 2019

January - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/270
Speaker: Brian Olson
Topic: Rebuilding OmahaMTG – Tips and Tricks
Sponsor: Kiewit
Host: Kiewit University

February - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/271
Speakers: Brandon Dunlap, Matt Elmore
Topics: Developers of the Future, Software Delivery
Sponsor: Sogeti
Host: Microsoft

March - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/272
Speakers: John Forget, Ragu Marimuthu, Matt Johnson, Ashwini Jawagi
Topics: Smart Error Tracking, Messaging within AWS, NuGet
Sponsor: Gallup
Host: Gallup

April - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/273
Speakers: Tony Wilsman, Matt Will
Topic: .NET in an AWS World
Sponsor: Don’t Panic Labs
Host: BCBS

May - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1273
Speakers: Dustin Horne, Eric Peters
Topic: Xbox development at a glance
Sponsor: Aureus
Host: Aureus

June - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1274
Speaker: Jeff Bramwell
Topic: The Power of Azure DevOps
Sponsor: Farm Credit Services of America
Host: Farm Credit Services of America

July - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1275
Speaker: Rich Kalasky, Adam Knodel
Topcis: Migrating from Webforms to React, Troubleshooting and performance tuning
Sponsor: Buildertrend
Host: Buildertrend

August - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1276
Speaker: Javier Lozano
Topic: .NET Development Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Sponsor: Diversified Solutions
Host: BCBS

September - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1277
Speaker: Vaibhav Gujral
Topic: Building and Deploying containers using Docker and Azure
Sponsor: Harbinger Partners
Host: Farm Credit Services of America

October - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1278
Speaker: Jonathan Ayoub
Topic: Demystifying Test-Driven Development - With Examples in ASP.NET Core
Sponsor: Advantage Tech
Host: Advantage Tech

November/December - https://omahamtg.com/Event/Details/1279
Speaker: Marcus Kern
Topic: Game Development For C# Developers
Sponsor: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
Host: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Many thanks to those of you who made it this far. This is a lot longer that I intended, but there's a lot of great stuff happening. I look forward to doing it all over again in 2020.

Matt Ruwe
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

Brian Olson
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

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