Omaha .Net User Group December Meeting
Start Time: December 04 2014, 6:00 PM
Now = 4/17/2024 3:42:51 AM Start = 12/4/2014 6:00:00 PM
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Posted by mruwe at November 26 2014, 12:45 PM

Fellow .Net Users, Thanksgiving is upon us and the .Net User’s Group is very thankful this season.  We recently had our 2015 sponsorship drive and we sold out all 11 slots for the entire year in less than 24 hours.  Simply amazing.  What this says to me is that our community is vibrant and a lot of organizations are willing to stand with us in supporting it.  We’re now positioned to start recruiting for our speakers for the year so if you’re interested, please make sure to reach out and let Brian and myself know.  There’s a lot happening in the .Net world, and we’re excited to share with you in your experiences. But I’m getting ahead of myself, we’re still in 2014 and we still have 1 remaining meeting for the year.  It’s been a while since our next speaker has spoken at the group, but I’m sure that those of you who have heard him before will be excited.  Our next .Net User’s Group meeting will take place on Thursday December 4th, starting at 6:00 PM.  Food and beverage will be served 15-20 minutes before the meeting starts. Location:

Election Systems and Software

11128 John Galt Blvd – Suite 100 **Speaker:

Brian Olson**

Brian Olson has 14 years of experience building web software using the Microsoft platform. Brian has developed solutions using ASP.NET, SQL Server, and ESRI GIS Server software. While he enjoys working with some non-Microsoft tools such as Node.JS, the .Net platform is his primary tool of choice. **Topic:

ASP.Net vNext**

It’s a whole new world out there.  ASP.NET is going through a few changes to adapt to this new world.  We will take a look at the some of the new tools in ASP.NET vNext that will help keep it at the forefront of web development.  What are these changes to the project file?  What are Grunt and Bower and how are they used by ASP.NET?  How do we run ASP.NET on Mac or Linux?  We will take a look at these questions and more during this conversation. **Sponsor:

Election Systems and Software (ES&S)** is the world’s largest elections only company that have provided election equipment, software and services for more than 35 years. ES&S entered the elections industry as a vote tabulation company. As our clients’ election needs have evolved, we have consistently expanded our offerings to provide high-quality innovation election solutions that improve the democratic process. To fulfill these evolving election needs, ES&S assigns teams of passionate, knowledgeable and talented election professionals to develop new and trust-worthy technology that is certified by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). ES&S maintains an active Research and Development department known as the Innovations Team. This fast-paced team is continuously exploring new ideas and developing new hardware, software and Web technologies.   ES&S develops in multiple languages that best fit the need of each device. The new ExpressVote Universal Voting System is based on the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform and is programmed extensively using the Microsoft .NET programming language. Check out more about the ExpressVote UVS at and career opportunities at Thank you, Matt Ruwe

.Net UG Co-Leader Brian Olson

.Net UG Co-Leader