Start Time: November 12 2014, 6:00 PM
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Posted by brammp at November 05 2014, 1:29 PM

AbstractSQL needs a fast infrastructure to perform optimally. A significant part of that infrastructure is the data storage SQL resides on. X-IO ISE technology has been utilized by Microsoft to set SQL  2012 “high-water” benchmarks for performance. This presentation will focus on the storage technology that Microsoft used, why it was chosen, and what makes it an excellent choice in SQL environments today.

BioRoger Kelley is Principle Architect for Xiotech Corporation. A 25-year industry veteran with 14-years at X-IO. He has extensive experience in architecture, design, and implementation of storage area networks and replication technologies. He is responsible for assisting customers in strategic storage planning and disaster avoidance and preparedness. He also has responsibilities in assisting the driving of company direction as it relates to technology offerings and positioning, as well as evangelizing new technologies. He has presented at many storage and networking–related seminars throughout the United States.
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