Omaha SQL/BI User Group Meeting - May 7th, 2014 @ 6PM
Start Time: May 07 2014, 6:00 PM
Now = 4/20/2024 10:53:10 AM Start = 5/7/2014 6:00:00 PM
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Posted by jmorehouse at April 28 2014, 6:16 AM

Topic: SQL 2012 Extended EventsExtended Events were introduced in SQL Server 2008. With SQL 2012, we have seen a significant upgrade to this feature. Join me for a little adventure into what extended events are. We will discuss how to use extended events to aid in performance tuning and in day to day administration. We will also explore some background and the architecture of extended events. **Session Level: AdvancedSpeaker: **Jason Brimhall **  Jason Brimhall has 10+ yrs experience and has worked with SQL Server from 6.5 through SQL 2014. He has experience in performance tuning, high transaction environments, as well as large environments. He is currently a Principal Consultant and MCM. He is he VP of the Las Vegas User Group (SSSOLV).Sponsor: QCIQCI has a long history of attracting and retaining the best talent. Continuous investment in our consultants results in an immediate, positive impact on your projects.  Contact Information: 402-981-4264Our Practice Areas:Business Intelligence: Businesses are exploding with data and there is great opportunity to transform that information into solutions that support business decisions.Application Development: Whether it’s web, mobile, or desktop, QCI consultants develop efficient solutions that work. QCI consultants can provide significant lift to your projects on all technology platforms with our greatest expertise in Java and .NET.Project Management: QCI delivers on projects by focusing on the big picture as well as the details of project plans, controlling scope, managing issues, balancing finances, mitigating risks, and effectively communicating with stakeholders. QCI consultants provide a balance of best practice, tools, methodology, and common sense to drive projects to completion.Business Analysis: To be successful we must truly understand the business and its objectives. QCI consultants bring a combination of business acumen and soft skills, as well as an understanding of the underlying technologies, to enable organizations to achieve those objectives.Software Quality Assurance: Quality is more than testing - it is a philosophy that must permeate the entire team and its processes.