Omaha .NET User Group June Meeting
Start Time: June 30 2022, 6:00 PM
Hosted By: Gallup
Now = 9/28/2023 12:19:16 AM Start = 6/30/2022 6:00:00 PM
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Sponsored by : Gallup

Posted by mruwe at June 22 2022, 11:02 AM

Fellow .NET Users,

We're back and in-person this month! It's hot outside, so come join us in the beautiful (and air conditioned) Gallup campus. Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 30th, starting at 6:00 PM. Our sponsor for this meeting, Gallup, will be giving away 2 $50 Amazon gift cards, 1 $25 Amazon gift card and a tumbler mug. This month we'll continue on the Blazor theme that was started last month and also learn about using AWS Dashboards. I hope you'll be able to join us for what I'm sure will be an awesome meeting.


1001 Gallup Dr
Omaha, NE 68102


Extending Blazor Components by Martinson Ofori, Ph.D.,

Blazor is quickly becoming the framework for building interactive web applications with .NET. As  Microsoft puts it, “Blazor apps are based on components. A component in Blazor is an element of UI, such as a page, dialog, or data entry form”. Today, there are several awesome Blazor component libraries such as SyncFusion, Radzen, Telerik, and MudBlazor to speed up development!

Despite this awesomeness, we may run into scenarios where a component library does not quite meet the needs of our project. This tutorial looks at some real-world examples of components Gallup has customized on top of the material design framework – MudBlazor.

Tips , Tricks, Tests and Total Workout for your own AWS Dashboard by Ashish Pandey

 Working with TFS, looking for the APIs or files, debugging, checking if your query is indexed, utilizing the tools for your day-to-day activities- this presentation will assist you in your fast-paced development environment and help you quickly find the answers you are seeking. In addition, we will discuss how to improve unit testing methods using different frameworks in Visual Studio. (What is code coverage? What is the purpose behind them? Etc.)

Martinson Ofori, Ph.D.,

Martinson, is a software developer at Gallup with over 10 years of diverse industry experience in Analytics, Banking, and Telecommunications. He is 3x AWS certified, a .NET practitioner, and holds a Ph. D. in Information Systems from Dakota State University. Martinson also has research and practical interests that span machine learning, social media analytics, and agile software development.

Ashish Pandey

Ashish is Senior Software Developer and Team Lead at Gallup where he has worked for the past  five years. He has worked on projects spanning Identity Server/Subscriptions and SSO, stand-alone features on our flagship Gallup Access product, to lamba projects and also supporting international teams in Berlin. He works with a very large team overall and enjoys sharing, growing, and learning. Overall Ashish has a focus on quality whether it is in his code or one of his many hobbies from cooking to photography to poetry.


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Matt Ruwe
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

Brian Olson
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

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