Omaha .NET User Group September Meeting
Start Time: September 24 2020, 6:00 PM
Hosted By: Microsoft Teams
Now = 4/20/2024 11:06:50 AM Start = 9/24/2020 6:00:00 PM
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Sponsored by : DTN

Posted by mruwe at September 18 2020, 5:38 AM

Fellow .NET Users,

First off, we're using Microsoft Teams to host our meeting this month. You can join by clicking here.

As we enter our 6th month of doing our meetings virtually I'm still impressed at how well this community comes together despite all of the limitations on our ability to be physically near one another. We have a great time between meetings interacting with each other on our Slack Workspace and there is always a good amount of participation in the meetings themselves. Earlier this month we held another game night where we played a collaborative game and laughed with one another. It was a truly good time!

For this month's meeting, I had a speaker lined up, but sadly, this individual had a family emergency come up that prevented them from being able to speak. With no speaker, I wasn't sure what the next meeting was going to look like. I reached out to the group and quickly found numerous people who wanted to help with our lightning round sessions. Thank you so much for the many strong supporters of our community. We're back on track and ready to go!

Join us on Thursday, September 24th at 6:00 for our next virtual .NET User's Group meeting. This month we're going to try something new by using Microsoft Teams to manage the presentation. Our goal, as always, is to raise the level of interaction among our members and we hope that Teams will help us do that. You'll be able to more easily interact with our speakers by using this format. Details about how to connect to the session will be made available closer to the time of the event. Our sponsor for this event, DTN, will be giving away two $50 gift cards. Please join us for an opportunity to win!

Lightning Rounds

Lightning Rounds are short 15 minute presentations on various topics.

Microsoft Teams

Teams Meeting

First Look at Azure Static Web Apps by Vaibhav Gujral

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps to Azure from a GitHub repository. In this lightning talk, Vaibhav will talk about:

  • What are Azure Static web apps?
  • How to get started and publish your first static web app
  • How to add a serverless API to a static web app

WebAssembly beyond the Browser by Brian Olson

Blazor is here and allows us to replace JavaScript in the browser. But what else can we do with it? We will look at one use case of using WebAssembly outside of the browser with .NET.

A simple pattern for adding SQL Injection detection to all your .Net Code by Rob Kraft

I will share an approach for adding SQL Injection detection to all of your existing .Net code. This approach is great if you need to insure every SQL statement you run gets scrutinized for most SQL Injection attacks. The source code is available on github:

Integration Testing using XUnit and WebApplicationFactory by Ravi Karri

The Process of creating TestHost for running integration tests has changed starting ASP.NET Core 3.x. This quick presentation will highlight changes to create in-memmory HttpClient using IClassFixture. Also will look at optionally using SQLite-inMemory for running integration tests.

Building/Migrating Laboratory Products and Software Development Process changes : Highlights and Challenges by Srikanth Dindu

I want to give an overview of CareDx and what lab products we offer and as well as digital products. Role of laboratory products in transplant process. CareDx laboratory department has undertaken a complete rewrite of few laboratory products to C# and as well migrating to Azure DevOps. Some of these products are created several decades back, we are trying to build core components and as well independent components to the laboratory products with modern architecture. In this session we will go over the changes we had for migration and implementing DevOps. 

We are going to discuss about the below points at an high level.

  • Software Development Process Changes.
  • How are we doing?
  • Discuss about tools.
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Architecture
  • Challenges

Organizing Your Code Projects by Marcus Kern

Using Virtual Hard drives to Keep track of all your ideas, files and source code on your local computer.

On Windows 10 and windows in general keeping track of the many personal, company and side projects can be a daily task in of itself not to mention the deep deep depths of required files and folders just to add dependancies to your projects and Ideas. Ever wish you could have a dedicated Hard disk for your projects? Have you ever tried the "Hot Swappable" hard disk mount only to find out that you couldn't hot swap the drive within a Windows Workstation environment? How many 2.5 or heaven forbid 3.5 drives do you have laying around gathering dust that say something to the effect of 2006 - Home Project and you're afraid to mount it as to find the black hole of side projects that was your greatest ideas from the 00 era?

Well I believe I found a method of organization for your personal, company and side projects that not only allows you to be the data hoarder you are. But to organize projects in such a way that you can have the ease and convinence of a root drive dedicated to one project while having the ability to "No Muss, No Fuss" organize your projects in a file driven way.

Come and see as I'll show you how to organize using virtual hard disk as well as Virtual Hard Disk "Inception" the Feng Shui art of organizing.

For more advanced topics (Not to be presented in this lightening talk) include Bit Locker my personal project drives, Just like (kinda like) One Drive Personal Vault Folders, I'll be including my github repo that provides Task Scheduler Scripts and additional concepts like moving Windows Store Apps to a dedicated Virtual Hard drive (For those that can be moved), AND Profile Management: Symbolic Links make my computer {Faster|Slower|Smarter} You decide. :)

Vaibhav Gujral

Vaibhav currently works at Capgemini as a Director in Global Microsoft Cloud CoE, providing trusted technology advisory to clients while demonstrating a deep understanding of cloud technologies. He has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the Microsoft Azure category since 2020 for his technical community contributions. He holds numerous cloud certifications, including Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, and has a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Information Technology as his specialization. Apart from being a regular speaker at several user groups, events, and conferences, he runs the Omaha Azure user group ( and moderates a Twitter community for Microsoft Azure with over 2300 members. He regularly blogs at and runs his own YouTube channel –

Brian Olson

Brian works and Kiewit on the Architecture team where he works to make sure developers have the tools and guidance they need to solve todays business problems. Brian also co-leads the OmahaMTG user group where we aim to bring sponsors, presenters and most importantly you, our members, together to learn and grow in this shared passion we have for writing software.

Rob Kraft

Rob Kraft lives in the Kansas City metro and has been developing software since the mid 80s, primarily on Microsoft stacks. He speaks occasionally about the risks of SQL Injection and about securing databases, specifically SQL Server. He is happy to share lessons learned and runs the site promoting user groups like this one, primarily around the Kansas City area.

Ravi Karri

Ravi has 13+ years experience in building Web applications primarily using ASP.NET Framework. He is most interested in all things .NET Core and designing/building high-quality full-stack Web apps.

Srikanth Dindu

Srikanth has been building software systems for more than a decade with over 13 years of experience in Software Architecture, DevOps, and Project Management. He has worked in different industries including construction, pharma, health care, insurance, and now with biotechnology. He has a Masters in CS and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He has a strong appetite to learn new technologies and is constantly looking for opportunities to apply them. He likes to solve complex problems and build innovative solutions. He has extensive experience in building enterprise applications and strong advocate of automation. He has experience building, mentoring, and leading development teams to deliver reliable software products with high quality. He is currently working as a Software Development Lead at CareDx which is a leading biotechnology company with cutting edge technology and my focus has been on System Integration, Services, Cloud Computing and DevOps.

Marcus Kern

Coming soon!


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Matt Ruwe
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

Brian Olson
.NET User's Group Co-Leader

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