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Posted by brammp at February 04 2015, 6:59 AM

TitlePerforming a SQL Server Health Check

AbstractHow often do you review your SQL Servers for basic security, maintenance, and performance issues? If you say never, I'm not surprised - many of the servers I "inherit" as a managed services provider have many gaping holes. It is not unusual to find databases that are never backed up, constant login failures (is it an attack or a bad connection string?), and servers that need more RAM/CPU/etc. (or sometimes that have too much!) Come learn how to use freely available tools to check your servers for basic issues like backups and CheckDB as well as for more advanced issues like page life expectancy and indexing. If you are responsible in any way for a Microsoft SQL Server (DBA, Windows Admin, even a Developer) you will see value in this session!

BioAndy Galbraith is Microsoft SQL Server DBA of 13+ years, a devoted husband, and a father of three young boys (all aged four and under!) He has been a DBA at a public university, at a major bank, at a healthcare system, and he now works as a consultant and managed services DBA with customers across the United States. He writes and speaks primarily about the tips and tricks that he discovers along his SQL Server journey.